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  • Amazed Clear Pro Cleanser

    Amazed clear cleanser
    4 oz. 120 ml


    Amazed Clear Cleanser is perfect for each skin type. It has plenty of healthy, skin-loving ingredients that brighten your skin and help in alleviating sunspots. The effective formula in the cleanser targets acne, pores and removes dead skin. Amazed Clear Cleanser has lightening agents that help you get rid of hyperpigmentation to unveil the brighter skin underneath.

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  • Brilliant Age Defined Cleanser

    Brilliant Age Defied Cleanser
    4 oz. 120 ml


    Extreme Antioxidant Wash reverses the oxidizing free radical process for smoother, younger, happier and truly vibrant skin. Loaded with potent antioxidant and superhero free radical fighters, this miracle wash will give you the boost, lift and shine that every person with skin looks for in a skin care ally.

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  • Lustrous Rose Serum

    Lustrous Rose Serum
    1 oz. 30 ml


    Lustrous Rose Serum is a significant breakthrough in skin care. This serum will help your skin appear healthier and more radiant. It is a potent yet ultra-light serum that will deeply penetrate to repair skin at a cellular level.

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  • Magical Sea Mineral Moisturizer
    1 oz. 30 ml


    We proudly bring the magic of the sea to your skin. Our refreshing and anti-aging lotion invigorates your skin and removes toxins from your skin cells through the process of collagen stimulation.

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  • Organic Hair Growth Hair Care Serum 2 oz. 60 m

    Natural Hair Boost Serum
    2 oz. 60 ml


    Dazzle Reality offers best if the best Hair Boost Serum that can be a part of your daily healthcare. It is intensive and natural, non-greasy, formulated for all types of scalp. Enriched with Biotin and doesn’t include ingredients which are harmful such as petroleum-based ingredients. Our formula promotes faster hair growth for both men & women as it absorbs instantly deep in your follicles.

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  • Natural Way To Grow
    8 oz. 236 ml


    Enriched with therapeutic essential oils and loaded with scalp-enhancing vitamins that stimulate hair growth follicles while nourishing and moisturizing your hair using all natural ingredients.

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