Have questions? We are committed to being transparent and honest with you about our service and products. Find an answer to your question below or contact us.

1. Where can I buy Dazzle Reality products?
All of our products can be found in our website shop. As of yet, we do not stock our products at a physical location. To inquire about the availability or unavailability of our products, please contact us.
2. Are your products natural?
Of course! Dazzle Reality is committed to making Natural and Organic products without any harmful, synthetic chemicals.
3. Can I buy Dazzle Reality products in the store?
No, as of yet we do not keep our products in any stores. You can buy them from our online shop.
4. Does Dazzle reality check products on animals?
We staunchly believe in being an environmentally friendly company. This also means we do not test our products on animals.
5. My hair is thinning. Is there a chemical-free solution?
We designed the Sal Sphere Natural hair growth promoter especially for people suffering from hair thinning. It is made from the procyanidin oligomers extracted from apples. The proprietary technology comprises of sub-micron spheres which are found to stimulate hair growth.